1947 Born in Isafjord in the North Western part of Iceland

1965 High school degree (studentereksamen) from Århus Statsgymnasium

1970-72 Assistant editor of English manuals, IBM, Copenhagen.

1972-76 Assistant editor, Danish-French Dictionary (Blinkenberg & Høybye 1977)

1976 MA (cand. mag.) in French and Danish

1976-79 Teacher in high school, at the University of Copenhagen and at CBS

1979-80 Researcher at Copenhagen University

1980-94 Lecturer, associate professor at Roskilde University (RUC)

1987 EEC Interpreter studies at CBS (Copenhagen Business School)

1988 Doctorate (dr. phil.) from Copenhagen University

1994-98 Associate professor at Stockholm University

1995 Docent at Stockholm University

1998-99 Chair of French at the Swedish University of Turku (Åbo Akademi)

1999-2008 Chair of French literature at Uppsala University

2006 Courses in journalism and creative writing , Denmark’s Higher School of Journalism (Journalisthøjskolen, DJH).

In my academic life I have published a number of books related to French Studies and Scandinavian Studies, as well as a considerable number of articles on subjects within these areas. 

From August 2008 I have been working as a freelance writer and editor.

I have published seven novels in Danish: Forviklinger (2012), Politikeren (2013), Kastebold (2017), Gudrun (2018), Søskende (2019), Frie og lige (2021 and Fremtiden (2023) The last four are historical novels focused on an Icelandic family struggling for survival in the Icelandic West Fjords from 1777 onwards.